So Frenchie, So Quiche

When I was little, I was a really difficult eater. Although I grew up in an Eastern European household – where the preparation food was an incredibly  significant part of the day – I was a little brat when it came to eating pretty much anything that wasn’t raw vegetables and sausages. Eggs in particular were a struggle, so my very savvy IMG_3739mother would disguise them as “special French pie”.

Fast forward two decades, home-made quiches are a staple in my recipe repertoire. I love the versatility of quiche: once you get the base right – cream, milk, eggs – you can add anything that takes your fancy.

This time I used bacon, onion and some fennel  – I guess a bastardised version of Quiche Lorraine and Quiche Alsacienne? I also like adding zucchini or mushrooms, cherry tomatoes or even salmon and dill.

I also really love making the shortcrust pastry from scratch. I used to use the laborious traditional method , but Donna Hay told me I should just use the food processor, which has significantly reduced preparation time. I love the simplicity of this French dish, particularly in light of the haute cuisine status French food holds.

The Taste Test: I don’t think I rolled out the pastry enough, the crust was too thick and consequently crumbled upon biting the quiche. I also think the bacon could have been fried for longer, but when I cooked it, the onion began burning. That said, the consistency was perfect, as was the ratio of egg to bacon.

Very sadly, I wasn’t able to make the Food Festival, but I did give my partner a taste of the quiches. He said that “the beautiful flavours exploded in his mouth and food was forever ruined as nothing would ever taste better than my quiches”.

Just kidding…

But he did like them and proceeded to eat five, so I call that a great success!



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